If you would like to raise a complaint, you may do so through any of the following channels :

Telephone : 800-2311 (Toll Free 24-7 Call Center)
Email :
MyNas Mobile App : You will be required to register first before being able to log your complaint
NAS’s Website :
Address : NAS Administration Services LLC, 4th Floor, Lulu Centre Building, Salama Street, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Please take note the following definitions (provided by the Dubai Health Authority) before submitting your complaint :

What is a complaint?

Any expression of dissatisfaction by a customer, potential customer or other business partner or any regulatory body made to the company either directly or indirectly which is related to a product or service provided by the company or which is related to an employee of the company or which is related to a service provided by an intermediary acting on behalf of the company or provided by another business partner of the company such as but not limited to a health claims management company, hospital, clinic or physician.

What is not a complaint?

Any expression of dissatisfaction concerning denial of coverage for a consultation, treatment or procedure which is clearly not covered under the policy or where the cost of the treatment exceeds the monetary limits under the terms of the policy are not complaints. However, where the cause of the complaint relates wholly or in part to vague wording or unclear definitions in the policy wording, terms and conditions or table of benefits this will be considered a complaint.

What happens next?

The following shall take place :

  • You will receive a reference number for your complaint which will be required for all future communications.
    • Within 48 hours and depending on the nature of the complaint, you may be contacted by the customer services department either to request for further information supporting your complaint or to update you on the progress of the investigation triggered by your complaint.
    • We aim to resolve all complaints within seven working days, however, in exceptional situations, the investigation might be prolonged especially when parties outside of NAS are involved.
    • Once the investigation has been completed our customer services department shall provide you with the final decision on the complaint and how it will be resolved.
    • We always strive to resolve all complaints in a manner acceptable to our members. If you are still unhappy with the resolution, you might request for reconsideration of the decision on your complaint quoting the initial reference number.
  • If you are still not content with the resolution provided, you may refer your complaint to the following regulatory authorities in your emirate.
  • Abu Dhabi and Al Ain visa holders may log a complaint through any of the following channels :

    The Department of Health (DOH)
  • If you are working or residing in any other Emirate other than Abu Dhabi or Dubai, please contact :

    The Insurance Authority