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Through the implementation of innovative customer focused solutions and a dedication to excellent service standards, NAS has established itself as a leading entity in a unique healthcare niche since its inception in 2002. Operating across the GCC region, with headquarters in Abu Dhabi, the company has focused its efforts entirely on healthcare benefits management eliciting dynamic and adaptable solutions for its partners in an evolving marketplace.

With a developed strategy in accommodating the various principles of a multi-layered industry, NAS has effectively balanced the ideals of cost containment and customer care. In drawing from its strength as an independent Third Party Administrator, it is an entity that has carefully positioned itself to offer valuable partnerships tailored to the specific needs of its clients.

Recognizing the ever-changing business landscape, particular emphasis has been put on the development of sophisticated in-house IT solutions that are both easily transferrable and increasingly automated. Through a culture of commitment to service quality and in complementing its prominent healthcare provider network, NAS has teamed up with first-class global partners for an international network capable of facilitating the requirements of a maturing healthcare market.

Why Nas ?


Through our market expertise and service quality, we have established ourselves as a TPA favored by a range of reinsurers, while always maintaining our position of independence to the benefit of our clients.

Service Quality

Our commitment to service quality keeps NAS ahead of the competition. By adhering to the levels of service required in administering the high profile portfolios of local and international insurers, we have enabled a culture of service quality to thrive throughout our organization.


We field a team of professionals accumulating years of first-hand experience in the insurance and healthcare benefits management industry, including a high proportion of physicians and healthcare professionals.

Mission & Vision


To provide efficient and cost effective solutions and achieve excellent service standards with no compromise on quality and to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction by focusing on quality, reliability, innovation, and ethics.


To be the leading Third Party Administrator in the GCC by continuously improving our performance in every sphere of our activities to the benefit of our customers and their members.

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